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Module Details

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Price: $105.18
Availability: Available
Model: Product PMM001
Module Owner: Apptitecture
License Lifetime Support
Module Description

Send private messages with specific content to users, individually. They receive your direct messages in their App inbox, and they can answer to it. You can add videos, images, and attachments to your messages. Useful in many cases, for restaurants to confirm reservation, for doctors to send a medical file to a patient, etc. The users can answer to the messages, just like with emails.
1 What does this feature exactly do?
It adds an inbox into the user mobile app, in which you can send specific and private messages with rich-content. It is just like having an email inbox in the App.
2 Can I send a message to one user only?
Yes you can. The admin choose which user(s) he wants to send his message to.
3 Can I schedule my messages?
Yes you can schedule your messages so that they are sent the day and time you want.
4 Is the user notified when he receives a message?
Yes, if you have the module Individual Push Notifications, he will receive a push notification stating there is a new message in his Inbox within the app.
5 What kind of content will I be able to send to users?
You will be able to share rich content: videos, images, HTML, text and send attachments.
6 Will it work on Android and iOS?
Yes, it will work on both iOS and Android.

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