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Module Details

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Price: $294.27
Availability: Available
Model: Product RTM001
Module Owner: Apptitecture
License Lifetime Support
Module Description

This Module is the ultimate Chat Module to build your own complete Chat app, or incorporate a Chat system in your apps.
Create public chatrooms and let your users create their own private chatrooms and chat with each other.
Send rich messages, images, videos and audio Messages.
Add friends for chatting, block/unblock users, instant messaging, one-to-one chat and group chat.
1 Users are able to chat individually or by group
2 You engage in real time chatting as this Module uses web sockets.
3 It can send Push Notifications. if you have bought the Individual push module. It sends notifications to the user if he receives a message in a private Chatroom, and he can also choose to subscribe to notifications in the public chatrooms.
4 For this Module to work, you have to be sure a port between 35500 and 36000 is open on your server. If you have a VPS or a dedicated server there is no problem since the server is yours. If you are using a shared server you should contact your hosting provider.
5.This Module is compatible with Android and IOS.

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